Crossroads of Carnage

House of Trepidation in Indianapolis has cages inside of Crossroads of Carnage

Crossroads of Carnage is an intense labyrinth entanglement of dark hallways and corridors. Crossroads of Carnage is only one of the attraction amist the gloomy and dark wharehouse where Belle has developed the House of Trepidation. This forsaken building is home to the same paths that many of Dr. Belle’s patients traveled.

A journey here will take you through the scream filled dark rooms where the restless and uneasy spirits were left behind. As you travel through the laboratory these invisible spirits can be seen, felt and heard today. Watch out as you approach the operating room, as things are not always as they seem to appear. Ever wondered how medicine gets tested? As you quiver through the cages you will pass many of the remains of Belle’s experimental creatures. Pay not attention to the patient that did not follow the Dr’s orders, as he sits and awaits in the electrical chair. Finally you will stumble upon a territory that became known as Patients Revenge. This is where all of the souls who were strong enough to with stand Belle’s medical practices will be eagerly waiting your arrival. The Crossroads of Carnage is full of drifting souls and spirits of many of Belle’s lifeless patients that walked in but never walked out. See, there was always a line of patients waiting to be seen. However there was rarely a plight where people would be well and able to leave the practice of Dr. Belle. This house that deserves the name Crossroads of Carnage, is a horrifying trip through an assembly of the ruins left behind by Belle and his experiments. When you enter, make sure you are nice to the nurse, as you may wanto her to help you. As a visitor, plan to be extremely uneasy as you witness the crypts that hold thousands of demented demons and ghosts. Be sure to always watch your left side and do everything you can to stick together, especially in the dark…