House of Trepidation

Entrance to House of Trepidation Haunted House

As you know, House of Trepidation emerged from the beginnings of Dr. Belle in the early 1900’s.

Belle was Traveling the East Coast with his beloved wife, before drifting to Indianapolis. During this time period houses were small and cozy. Each seemed to carry a distinct character all of their own. A small house in Indianapolis would not satisfy the urges of Belle. A more massive secluded storehouse would be needed. Belle and Elizabeth began searching. That is when this place at 1929 S Meridian Street was found.

Having a vast wharehouse would allow multiple treatment areas, and greatly increase the amount of patients he could “comfort”. Then House of Trepidation, Purgatory and Crossroads of Carnage were born. These settings are certainly anything but ordinary. Each of these 3 spaces played an important role into allowing Belle’s experiments to take place. He quickly wanted to get settled after arriving into Indianapolis. So what began as an abandon warehouse, quickly molded into Dr. Belle’s sinister clinic.

As Belle migrated into Indianapolis he brought a copius amount of dark demons and spirits with him. These spirits and dark energy’s were invisibly attached to Belle. They welcomed themselves as a permenant fixture into Eugene and Elizabeth’s lives. No matter how far they traveled, they soon found their home infested with odd behavior and strange activity. It is with consistent evidence that many years of spirits and energy have found comfort within the walls of their home.

When approaching the front entrance of Trepidation, it is no secret that an uncomforting feeling can be felt and heard. You will suddenly feel as if you are amongst an energy of many strangers. Although as you look around high and low they can’t be seen, only heard. While you are a guest at Trepidation, please be cautious as the sinister demons are with you. They are watching from behind the walls. They can be seen overhead and sometimes from below. Always make certain not to invade their space as they will be disturbed and restless with visitors…


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