Purgatory Haunted House Indianapolis IndianaPurgatory is the space that quickly became a key component to Dr. Belle and his practice. This area was the abyss consequence of Dr. Belle’s high death rate amongst his patients. Often victim’s under his care would not awaken from surgery or might not live long enough to see their next office visit.

When visiting Purgatory, pay close attention to the voices you hear. The things you see behind the walls will also create an uneasy feeling. These voices are the result of thousands of people who were treated by Dr. Belle. They come from all over the Mid-west and East Coast, each telling a different story. Some are old, some are young. They are made up of men, women and children alike. All of these souls and angry spirits have found themselves captured here in this Indianapolis Haunted House, known as Purgatory. The multitudes are very resentful with Belle, due to his lack of incumbency and respect for human life. As you visit make your way through the dark passages, but don’t let the deranged phantoms see your weakness for they will expeditiously scavenge your energy and you too might find yourself in the same damnation with no hope of leaving. The Sinister energy found deep within the bellowes of Purgatory are unexplainable, almost like an invisible force. No matter what the reason, if you happen to converge with Belle, NEVER turn your back…



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