9 Reasons Why You Should Date A Clown

When visiting most Indiana Haunted Houses, you will encounter your fair share of evil clowns.

It’s kind of a necessary evil we pro haunters use to feed on one of the biggest fears people have.

But, what most Indiana haunted houses won’t tell you is that clowns are fantastic people to date and possibly have relationships with…

…don’t believe us? We figured you wouldn’t…

That is why on behalf of all Indiana haunted houses, we have decided to compile a list of the top 9 reasons you should think about dating clowns.

Enjoy >:)

Indiana Haunted Houses Presents:

The Top 9 Reasons To Date A Clown

1. Great Sense of Humor

Everyone loves to date someone with a great sense of humor. Obviously clowns have got this mastered on a pretty elite level…

Indiana Haunted Houses - Clown Laugh

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2. Great With Kids

Clowns absolutely LOVE children. And who doesn’t love a happy clown???

Indiana Haunted Houses - clowns and kids

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3.Β They Have A Sweet Tooth

The last thing you want is to feel like the “fatty” in a relationship because you are the only one who eats sweets… Not to worry! Clowns absolutely LOVE sweets, so you will never have to finish that candy treat by yourself πŸ™‚

Indiana Haunted Houses - Clown Candy

Via extremepumpkins.com

4. Always Happy

Do you hate dating “debbie downers” who are always depressed and negative? When you date a clown they are always happy…you can tell by that innocent smile πŸ˜‰

Indiana Haunted Houses - Clown Smile

Via whyifearclowns.net

5. Entertaining

Tired of boring dates? It’s a solid fact that clowns are genuine entertainers…just check out this video below if you don’t believe me. Clowns always play the best pranks on people…

6. They Like to Party

Have you seen a clown amongst the crowd of Indiana Haunted Houses parties? These guys and girls are the life of any party. Hope you are okay with having all of the eyes on you and your hot clown date πŸ˜‰

Indiana Haunted Houses - CLown Party

Via heavy.com

7. They Experiment With Hair Color

Do you take your hair style seriously? So do clowns. In fact they experiment with every color you can think of. Gone are the days of dating someone with boring taste in hair color.

Indiana Haunted Houses - Clown Hair Color

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8. They Make Adorable Families

You can’t really look at this pic below and say clowns don’t make adorable families…

Indiana Haunted Houses - Clown family

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9. They Have Great Style

Clowns practically wrote the book on standing out with style so you never have to go out in public and be embarrassed about being with someone who lacks true style or “swagger”… I mean just look at those pinstripes below…

Indiana Haunted Houses - Clown Style

Via evilclowns.org

So there you have it – Indiana Haunted Houses top 9 list of reasons why you should date a clown.

We are almost 100% positive that after going through that list, you are probably looking on your Facebook right now trying to hook yourself up with one of these heart throbs πŸ˜‰

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House of Trepidation Crew