General Questions

House of Trepidation is a three-attraction indoor haunted house experience, located in Indianapolis Indiana. We deliver highly detailed, intense startle scares from the entrance to the exit.

Where is House of Trepidation located?

We are located just south of downtown Indy at 1929 S. Meridian St., Indianapolis, IN 46225

Who can attend House of Trepidation?

All ages are welcome; however, the event is a very scary haunted attraction; please use discretion when bringing young children.

Is House of Trepidation Wheelchair accessible?


Can I attend if I am pregnant?

No, due to the nature of the environment of a high intense startle scare haunted attraction, we highly discourage expectant mothers to attend.

Are strobe lights in use?


Is there fake smoke (fog) in use in the Haunted House?


Is it dark in the Haunted Houses?

Yes, very.

Are the Monsters & Actors allowed to touch you?

No, our actors will never intentionally touch you.

Is smoking permitted?

No, in consideration of all guests we ask you to not smoke while in line. Absolutely no smoking allowed indoors.

Does House of Trepidation have security?

Yes, we have a team of security professionals that will always side with safety to ensure our guests have a great experience. They are roaming and monitoring the entire facility.

Can I take flash photography while in the Attractions?

No, flash photography is strictly prohibited while inside House of Trepidation, but you can take photos outside the attraction and while waiting in line.

Do you have food?

We have sodas, chips, candy and hot chocolate for sale.

How does weather affect my visit to House of Trepidation?

All 3 of our attractions are indoors and will not be affected by weather. We offer covered and indoor waiting areas for all of our guests. Please see our calendar or dates & times or here for our address.

What are the dates and times I can visit House of Trepidation?

Please see our calendar for details.

How long are your lines?

It can vary from minutes to hours. Lines get longer as it becomes later in the season. Lines are generally shorter earlier in the evening (such as when we open at 7 pm) and on Thursdays and Fridays.

Can I wear my Halloween costume while visiting House of Trepidation?

Yes, you can wear costumes to the haunted house. However, we ask that you not wear a mask or carry a prop.

Ticket FAQs

Does House of Trepidation accept credit cards?


Can I buy tickets ahead of time?

Yes, you can buy tickets in advance here.

Can we win tickets to House of Trepidation?

Yes, the best way to stay up to date with current contests and promotions is to sign up for our VIP mailing list, follow us on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. Coupons, tickets and discounts are honored every night.

Online Sales

Tickets are valid on any operating date for the year they were purchased.

To minimize your time of waiting in lines, purchase your tickets HERE and have them printed or readily available on your mobile device to be scanned upon arrival to House of Trepidation, go directly to the WILL CALL window to obtain your bracelet before proceeding to the attraction.

Your ONLINE PURCHASED ticket will be scanned at the WILL CALL WINDOW and exchanged for a physical ticket.


I bought my ticket online…do I have to wait in line when I get to the Haunted House?


Return and Refund Policy

All ticket sales are final. No refunds or returns. If you buy a ticket because you want to get scared at our Haunted House, and we scare you in the first room and you decide to leave, we will NOT issue a refund.

**Inappropriate behavior will result in expulsion**

Contact Information



[email protected]

1929 S Meridian Street

Indianapolis, IN 46225

Onsite Ticket Sales

You may also purchase tickets on the day of the show at the box office.

Box office opens nightly at 6:45pm on operating dates

Inclement Weather Policy

House of Trepidation is an indoor attraction and will not close due to normal seasonal weather conditions. In the unlikely event that extreme weather forces us to be closed on a given night, tickets can be used on any other applicable night, in this case please monitor social media.

Service Fees

All advance tickets have a service fee added at the time of purchase, this is from the vendor NOT from House of Trepidation.

The last and most common question… Is it scary?

YES! Our design and build team have over 50 years combined constructing scenes and scares for the citizens of Indianapolis.