Indy’s Best Haunted House

Indy’s best Haunted House is located at 1929 S. Meridian Street in Indianapolis IN 46225, and is known as House of Trepidation. Being made up of multiple indoor attractions and with indoor waiting areas, The House of trepidation is a must see Haunted House in Indianapolis. 2015 was the opening year for the massive 20k square foot facility and was instantly becoming a very well liked attraction by the citizens of Indianapolis. Fast forward slightly to 2017 and House of Trepidation has seen more than 25k guests and been nominated for The A-list’s “Best of Theatre”, see House of Trepidation is more than just another “Haunted House” it is made up of REAL Actors. The Cast comes together to perform a well thought out production every night! Please take a moment to VOTE for them so that all of Indiana can learn as to why they are Indy’s Best Haunted House!