Things to do in Indianapolis

Hey Indianapolis, looking for things to do in Indianapolis? We were wondering how 2017 isThings to do in Indianapolis starting off for you? Well here at House of Trepidation we are in full build mode in an attempt to make 2017 an amazing experience for you! See, we understand that Indianapolis needs entertainment and activities and we are here to deliver that for you! September 29th 2017 at 7pm House of Trepidation will open to the public for our 3rd year. We are confident that this will be our best production yet! Dr. Belle is going to be unveiling some of the most horrific ghoulish scares Indy has ever seen!

So while you spend the summer out and about at cook-outs, concerts and weddings, our very creative build team be prepping House of trepidation to make sure you have something to do in Indianapolis this fall! Make sure to plan your Haunted House visits for the Fall of 2017 with a group of friends! Stay tuned for more updates and info!



Belle’s Christmas Nightmare Now On Sale!

Tickets are now online for Dr. Bell's Christmas Nightmare now! Purchase your tickets now for some holiday fear!

Thank You For A Great 2018 Season!

On behalf of all our staff and crew, we want to thank everyone who visited House of Trepidation this 2018 season! We had a great Halloween season and looking forward to scaring you next year!