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Hello Haunt Enthusiast!

Thank you for checking out House of Trepidation and learning about who we are! Our demented creations are the brain child’s of many many ideas that are evolved and adapted and never complete. It takes a team of creative power to put together our production. Our creative team is made up of 5 guys with a support team of 4. Together we bring 60+ years of Haunt knowledge and experience to House of Trepidation.

This team of creators began working together in 1998, putting scary into play at another local Haunted House in Indianapolis. This project became a huge success and well known to all Haunt goers in and around Indy. As time passed and life took it’s course, in about 2005 things began to change we all began to separate and go our own ways. In 2013 there was a new idea brewing in the Witch’s kettle and before you know it, Indy’s most powerful haunted house designers were beginning the work to put House of Trepidation into play and expose Dr. Belle to the city of Indianapolis!

Come May 2nd 2015 the first pieces for Trepidation were moved into their new home at 1929 S Meridian Street in Downtown Indianapolis Indiana and Dr. Belle had a new home! This gave the creative team a very short window of time to construct Belle’s House of Trepidation, Cross Roads of Carnage and Purgatory. Fast forward to September and the interviews and auditions began with our Producer and staff to attract some of the best acting talent in the area! September 25th 2015 the curtains opened, the lights came on and the gates of Dr. Belle’s clinic opened to the public for the 1st time!

Today, House of Trepidation has become well known for the attention to detail and creative scenes and sets that are certain to bring a screaming scare to you and your friends! While attracting returning actors and performers with years of experience, they work tirelessly to deliver an amazing production to Belle’s visitors every night! Come out and see the best Haunted House in Indianapolis at 1929 S Meridian Street Indianapolis, IN 46225.

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–House of Trepidation

Welcome to House of Trepidation, we are a 20,000 sq foot, 3-attraction indoor Haunted House in Indianapolis, Indiana. You may be wondering why you have never heard of House of Trepidation, well see 2015 was the first year that this warehouse and now Indianapolis haunted house was opened for the public to see. We bring to you more than 50 years of combined Pro-Haunt and scream park experience. With several thousand guests visiting us since we opened in 2015 Trepidation is an absolute MUST SEE HAUNTED ATTRACTION IN INDY.  Our Creator offers some of the most detailed and scariest Indianapolis scream park scenes and sets ever shown in a commercial Haunted Attraction. The scenes, sets, and environment will instantly immerse you into the surroundings. House of Trepidation will make a FRIGHTFULLY great experience for all of our visitors this 2018 Halloween Season.

When visiting should you run into a line of guests, we offer covered and indoor waiting. Online and walk up haunted house ticket sales both are available. We suggest arriving early, as House of Trepidation, a top-rated haunted house in Indianapolis, IN, is home to Dr. Eugene Irving Belle and he is quickly becoming very popular. 2015 has proven to be the beginning of the end for visitors of Dr. Belle and House of Trepidation. Belle is the creator of the trapped demons, spirits, ghouls & ghosts that are found wandering throughout this Indy Scream Park. House of Trepidation has become a natural outlet for many years of brewing spirits left behind from Dr. Belle’s medical and science experiments. On September 28th, 2018 there will be a hazy glow coming from 1929 S Meridian Street in Indianapolis, as the doors to Dr. Belle’s warehouse open to the public for the first time in nearly 70 years. There hasn’t been a patient seen in Trepidation in several decades.

Indianapolis has become host to all the EVIL energy that resulted from all of Belle’s failed experiments. Come out and see what all the screams are about. Upon your arrival, you will be greeted with creepy laughs and blood-curdling cry’s for help. As you enter Belle’s crazed nightmare make sure to always pay attention, as things are not always what they appear to be…

Belle’s Christmas Nightmare Now On Sale!

Tickets are now online for Dr. Bell's Christmas Nightmare now! Purchase your tickets now for some holiday fear!

Thank You For A Great 2018 Season!

On behalf of all our staff and crew, we want to thank everyone who visited House of Trepidation this 2018 season! We had a great Halloween season and looking forward to scaring you next year!